Da Shp or Dash P dot com

Dashp.com was born out of my desire to find the shortest dot com domain, that cointained a real word thus making it more easily pronouncable. Using the site LeanDomainSearch.com I itterated through the alphabet while sorting the results by length. Out of the 30 or so 5-letter domains that were decent, I settled on dashp.com for its pronouncability and the fact that a dash of programming seems about what most projects need (rather than being written from scratch).

As the site matures, it seems we are at a divide on how to pronounce dashp.com, where about half the people who see the domain dashp.com pronounce it as Da Shp verses the intended Dash P.

The site is intended to demonstrate what myself and the people who I call my friends are capable of when working together. These are the people whom I enjoy working with on a variety of projects, allowing our natural talents to coalesce into something more formable.

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