Technologist Evin Marie Revello was born in the 80’s and raised in the 90’s in the heart of California. Anyone that has interacted with Evin will attest to her being an information sponge who loves to absorb as much knowledge as possible about topics that fascinate her. She delights in becoming physically exhausted from outdoor activities such as running, rollerblading, and hiking. Evin Revello graduated from Sierra College in 2011 with Associates degrees in Computer Science and Mechatronics. Currently she resides in the area where her family has lived for over 150 years and she takes pride in her local community. She finds the act of altruistically talking to people a great way to pass the time and learn something new.

Evin occupies her time working in the software-development industry where she loves working data that has relevance to real peoples lives. Ms. Revello has a diverse hardware background that includes hacking on satellite receivers, mobile devices, automotive systems, embedded Linux systems, microcontrollers, and illumination. Her understanding of the technical underpinnings of the world around us allows Evin to understand the nuances of data that comes from the infrastructure that supports our 21st century society.

Evin is driven by her desire to understand how things work. Through a continuous process of self-learning and discovery she’s empowered by the notion that continuous learning allows individuals to retain greater amounts of knowledge in shorter periods of time. Her unique approach to her quest for knowledge doesn’t just apply to her professional life, it applies equally well in her personal life too. As Ms. Revello enjoys the passage of time, she’s content with her life being defined by her role as a technologist. Any opportunity to learn and grow both professionally and personally is welcomed with an open mind and open heart. In the future, she keeps a watchful eye out for interesting opportunities to challenge her mind by working with interesting data and smart people.