2014 Data Visualizations

This is the list of visualizations I am working on. It is not a long list, but the ideas sure have been in floating in my mind for a quite some time.

Hello World in the Top 50 Languages

This is actually a visualization, but I am sure it could be thrown into a site of its own. Scraps the data about the most popular programing languages and then displays their relative size.

ccTLDs Map

This is a map of the world based on the current ccTLDs. I compiled the data already, as of six months ago, but have yet to produce a visual.


This is a force layout that has the different linux commands and how they relate and what they do.


Maps that are useful in the sense that they show nuances that are unique to a community that are not typically noticed.

Telco Infrastructure

This is based off of all of the outside research I have done to gain a better understanding of the telephone systems that are part of our modern infrastructure. A super mario print based one would be legit, and d3 nodes to represent them would be all sorts of legit!

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